Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So,how about this weather we've been having lately???

OOOh I am back.  It has taken a while, I know.  Currently the weather is cool and to tell you the truth I am incredibly excited about the weather in general.  I know that it can be perceived by some to be the most boring, painstakingly lame subject to talk about but in our house we love talking about the weather.  Since childhood I have loved the feeling I have upon waking, thinking about what I will be greeted with when I walk outside of the four walls that we humans call a house.  Looking at an early morning sky interpreting what the day will bring, I feel a connection with myself and what it means to be human.  I remember my mum and my Nan saying a rhyme about the colour of the sky 'Red morn sailors be warn, Red night sailors delight'.  I hear this in my mind when I look at a morning or night sky.  I don't know whether there is a relationship between the colour of the sky and boating conditions, though I do enjoy the rhyme.  As a young girl I remember the time when seeing different formations and textures of clouds led me to hurrying inside to look in my '1001 facts about the Earth' book my mother gave me, to identify what my fact hungry eyes were seeing in the sky.  Having sponged up all of these facts as a young girl I now seem to have lost them to my subconscious.  In my opinion, puberty and high school plus that Rite of Passage from the age of 18-20 which for me involved a lot of heavy drinking and partying are the cause for the loss of this information.  The reason why I have become aware of such a loss is our dear little Evie's curiosity about the world around her.   So rather than struggling to remember or using the family computer to 'look it up' I went to the spare room and opened the box containing all of the books that I have kept from my childhood and there it was, '1001 facts about the Earth'.  Some of the pages were stuck together and missing pieces of their paragraphs but it was still as exciting as ever turning to the 'cloud' page.  Knowing that Evie has a keen enthusiasm for the weather and the world around her brings out the warmest of feelings in me. 


  1. It's amazing how through the eyes of a child we are reminded of beautiful memories that have helped create who we are today. It is often so easy to forget this in our busy every day schedules.. Little people are truly a gift.

  2. Thank you for joining me here :-) xo
    You are spot on there Em!!! Little people truly are gifts to us. You must see this everyday in your work?? Do the children you teach every spark your childhood memories??