Saturday, September 24, 2011


This is the current state of our lovely little garden.  I love it!!!  It is somewhat overgrown with calandula, coriander, nasturtium, parsley and alyssum but it just looks so pretty and welcoming.  Through the winter there was not much action with any sort of productivity as far as the vegetables were concerned.  We harvested a few beans as well as sugarsnap peas.  There was some broccoli early on as well.  Overall our best performer was the kale.  It was an endless producer.  Looking forward to including this in the rotation for next cool season.  I think the main contiributor to the lack of productivity was because we planted too late.  Since it has began to warm a little and the days lenghthen somewhat the amount of growth has been amazing. 

Both the cabbages and the silverbeet appeared to be stunted until a couple of weeks ago and now there is plenty to go around.  Cabbages have been very low maintenence.  I have noticed a few munchers the past couple of days however I don't mind a couple of holes here and there.  I manually remove them and throw them to the hens. 

Here is some of our Spring Summer choices. 

I went a little crazy on purchasing seeds as I wanted to include varieties that I haven't grown before.  Eden Seeds have a great catalogue which included what I wanted to give a try.  I am especially interested in the Turkish Orange Eggplant as well as the Golden Beetroot oh, and the Armenian Cucumber.  Not to mention the little pumpkins!!!!  I hope we have success.

This is also something I hope we have success with.  To the left is the frame for a strawbale garden.  It has a frame as we need to stop the guinea pigs from eating our crop!!!  It will be filled with strawbales and then planted up in the coming weeks.  It's closer to the house and smaller than our other bed at the bottom of the yard.  With the impending heat, it can be shaded easily and will allow easier acces to the produce we will use often.  Also, with my size increasing it won't be such a hike to the garden.  The frame on the right is a sandpit for the girls.  Sandpits provide endless enjoyment for children.  I remember spending whole days in my sandpit that my father built when I was a child.  I am not sure what it was that I was doing but it provided me with infinite opportunities to explore my imagination and be with my siblings.  This area is shaded from 3:00p.m.ish of an afternoon.  I can see many summer evenings spent in this part of the yard...... 

Here we are in the front yard in amongst the hippeastrums, lilliums and agapanthus.  Most of the bulbs are now beginning to suface and will provide us with a spray of colour shortly.  These garden out front have been neglected.  They are just constant chores with weeding.  Cobblers pegs...I don't like you.  There is another garden which I won't be showing you as it is an absolute disgrace.  We have not found the inspiration or had the energy to clean it up.  There are just so many weeds it's overwhelming!!! It's on the to-do list though and with the evenings proving to be so inspiring at this time of year it will be seen to in the near future. 

Peace xo

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bye Bye Johnny and Sons

So we have said goodbye to our little man Johnny and his two sons.  Both of the hatchlings turned out to be roosters.  3 roosters bringing on the morning at 3:30a.m or earlier is not pleasant.  Johnny was becoming rather aggressive and difficult to manage.  We also noticed a change in the girls egg production.  He seemed to change soon after my return to work which I can only assume is linked to the decrease in contact???  I feel as though I have let him and his offspring down however I am confident that they are much happier at their new home - 130 acres just south of Ipswich with a family who rehomes unwanted livestock.  Their poultry free range over their property so hopefully the boys could find their own territory.  I won't forget you fellas....



Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Another life will be present earthside next year.  We are expecting in February.

We are thrilled and over the moon to have created a little person!!!

Let the preparations begin

Peace  xoxo

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mothering Moments - Nappies

I do love cloth nappies :-) I do love seeing babies wearing a cloth nappy also :-)  Especially when they are walking :-)

It has been a struggle in my household to use cloth nappies full time mainly because I did not set myself up properly in the beginning.  I did a little bit of research in the form of lurking about forums- one particular forum actually..  have a look here .  I know that there is plenty of information available online but when I was pregnant with Eliza I came across the above mentioned website and forum.  I found it useful, welcoming and I found that I had similar values to those contributing.  I can often still be found lurking about :-) 

I have been using a combination of disposable and cloth nappies since Eliza's birth and my goal in what are her final years of nappywearing is to provide her with a comfortable and healthy nappy wearing experience along with any other little bambinos who come into this world via Dru and I.  There is an endless list of pros and cons for cloth vs disposable nappies.  This is one site which focuses mainly on the cost.  There are other factors including the environment and chemicals and nasties particularly Sodium Polyacrylate Crystals.  There are others .  I personally love cloth nappies as they are a healthier and more economical choice.    

Back to the nappies....  In recent times I have made a more serious commitment to using cloth nappies full time.  I believe there are far more pros then cons in using cloth nappies.  Currently our stash is a mixed bag. 

There are 2 Eenee Weenees.  I found these in a second hand store.  They are newborn size.  So they are kept in the stash for when we will need them again :-)  

We have 20 fitted terry towelling/flannelette nappies- these require an additional cover.  I guess you could say, these are a more modern version of the classic terry square.  They are the same shape as a disposeable with velcro fastenings.  I bought these from Ebay as seconds for a great price.  They require a waterproof cover.  I liked these nappies however I experienced issues with these as Eliza grew.  I will use them again for the early days of the next little one probably until crawling happens.  In the past I have used fleece covers and I was given a cute woolen soaker by a dear friend.  Woolen soakers are the driving force in me wanting to learn how to knit.  I have 2 polyurethane laminate (PUL) covers on the way.  I can't wait for them to arrive!! 

PUL is a fabric used in modern cloth nappies which allows for water proofing and it is breathable.  I must admit, I was apprehensive about this fabric when I began reading about nappies.  It's ok :-) it's a whole darn lot better than using those PVC numbers.  Which don't breathe and can cause all sorts of bottom troubles for little ones.     

We also have 13 functioning Pea pods.   I have 15 outers with no inserts but I'll soon fix that.  I managed to get a lot second had at a fraction of the price brand new.  The nappy itself is made up of a fleecy lining with a PUL waterproof outer with a pocket for a bamboo insert and booster for maximum absorption.  These nappies have little snappy clips for fastening which are a luxury and so easy to use.  Being two separate pieces they dry super quick.  So far we haven't had any issues with these however, I have a hunch that once Eliza grows a little more these nappies may not be able to hold as much liquid as the others even with a microfibre booster added.           

Our most recent purchase has been 6 Baby Beehinds All-In-Ones (AIO) and 6 Baby Beehinds Hemp Nappies.  I am very happy with these nappies and will be purchasing more once our budget permits.  Thwe AIO are great to use and super absorbent however, they take some time to dry.  The Hemp Nappies require a waterproof cover.  These nappies are absorbent, dry quickly and are a breeze to use.  They also have this lovely rainbow overlocked finish which finishes them perfectly.  

So, in having a mixed collection I have come to develop a routine which enables us to use cloth full time.  Storages is another issue- let's not talk about that ;-D  The nappies which are quick dying are used earlier in the week and those which take longer are used later in the week.  I wash every second day and have chosen to dry pail which works a charm.  Saves water and avoids the risk of the inquisitive toddler falling into a bucket of water.  Once a week I like to spray my nappy bucket with a mixture of vinegar and eucalyptus and wipe it clean and deodorise it at the same time.   

It has taken me a while to get myself this routine and I must say, I feel pretty good about it.  Chuffed actually!!!!  

Thank you for stopping by. 


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our girls

I really love this photo!!!! 

Sisters :-)

I think about my own sisters when I look at this photo.  It takes me back to when we were all little and would play for hours together getting up to all sorts of mischief, adventuring and exploring our world together. 


Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet Bonnie

I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family.  On my daily errands last Friday, whilst collecting the chicken feed from our local produce store, I noticed this lovely little bird still did not have a home.  I met her 2 weeks prior when collecting chicken feed.  She stood out to me then however I was apprehensive about purchasing her as we do not want another rooster.  I know that it is possible that she may not be a hen as Silkies cannot be sexed until 4-5 months when the signs of sex begin to become more apparent but my gut and her behavious have lead me to believe that she is a hen. 

She is the quietest chicken I have ever brought home.  I am tempted to keep her as my housepet.


Friday, June 17, 2011


There is currently something malfunctioning in my settings which is not allowing me to comment you lovely folk back when you comment.  I am not sure when this will be resolved but rest assured that I am grateful for your viewing and participation :-)



Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I am struggling.... I need a teacher to get me started .  No video is going to get me there unfortunately :-(


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, since returning to paid work my time at home to me has been precious.  Lately, our weekends have involved spending the majority of at least Saturday or Sunday out of the house which to be honest, drives me crazy!!!!

Although this week sees us in somewhat of a quarantine situation, I feel rather relieved to be at home.  Before returning to paid work I was feeling a void that I wanted to fill outside of the home.  I felt as though I needed to keep my own professional skills up to date and contribute financially to my household.  The building industry has suffered with the recent wet season and well, rather than stressing about the issue I decided it was time for me to take serious action and return to work.  I was incredibly lucky, calling my former boss and having my old job reoffered- it was meant to be.  I truly love my work and feel at home when I am in that role.  I am  Mental Health Outreach Worker.   

Here are some pictures which really capture where I am in my life at present

Maaa,  I want spaghetti for breakfast!!

I look like my Daddy!!

Strike a pose.... It would seem that Evie does not like having her pic taken these days...


Bread that I bake in the breadmaker.  I am enjoying this appliance very much.  I love that I can have my own bread made at home.  It is such a staple in our home and the quality of the stuff off the shelf is so questionable that it seems a neccesity to have it made at home.  I use a very basic recipe- flour, water, yeast.  Sometimes I add butter, milk or egg just to experiment with flavours and consistency.  I have been using spelt flour of late which I really enjoy.  I also add pepitas and oats.  I am going to try adding quinoa this week.

Here's a sweet potato I found in my vegetable basket.  I would like to plant it at the bottom of the chicken coop. 

Where all the action happens!!!!

This is what our freezer looks like these days.  There is plenty of home cooked goodness on hand :-)  Pumpkin soup, lamb pot stew, potato and leek soup and minestrone. Ice cream!!!

Music keeps me going.  I haven't picked up my guitar in months.  I hope that I can find the inspration soon.  This is Dru's guitar in the front of the shot.  Mine can be seen in the distance. 

Family meeting space

Evie persuing a craft subject of a different area of interest.  This one does not involve scissors and glue :-)  It will be a wicked rainbow scarf :-)  

Vegetables- Winter crop :-) Fingers crossed. 


Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet Marilyn's Babies

Now I realise that this not the best photography on my behalf .....  I can't seem to get a great shot.... They move too quickly.  This photo is was taken about 2 weeks ago.  They chicks have grown somewhat and are beginning to get their new feathers now.  It has been rather therapeutic watching them go about their business in the backyard.  They chirp and flap about at one another and up onto the oudoor furniture like little pioneers exploring the new land.  We are still unable to determine their sex, that will become more apparent in the next 6 weeks I am sure.  Here's to some lovely little ladies :-) Fingers Crossed!!! There is so much to learn from animals.  Marilyn is just such a nurturing mother.  The way she shows them the food and offers them the scraps before having any herself.  The way she sits in the welcoming position- she sits in such a way which invites the chicks in to nurse under her wings.  I am left wandering where they have gone sometimes only to notice a little beak protruding from Marilyn's feathers.  It's truly special witnessing these little chicks growing up with their mother.  We've never been a part of a hatching at home.  In the past we've bought our chicks as Day Olds from the produce store and then kept them warm indoors under a lamp.  I am not sure how comfortable I feel about doing this in the future...???

This week sees me at home with my little ladies.  Evie has the chicken pox and is unable to return to school until Thursday at the earliest- no earlier than 5 days after the rash appears and after the blisters are broken and the last one to appeared has formed a scab.  It would seem that the tiredness and onslaught of the virus have passed and now we are into the boredom phase.  What to do??  Mum, I am bored!!!  Tantrums and the like.  Mum, I want to go to school!!!  Hmmm.....  Sickness is such a difficult time whether one is 5, 15, 55.  Still no spots on Eliza...... 

Seeing as I am at home nursing my girls I have decided that I will finish one of the  projects cut out in my sewing box and pick up the needles and begin to learn how to knit.  I found a Getting Started DVD in my stash so I figure it's about time.  Also, Dru's mum, Joy, whom we refer to as Mardy, gave me bag loads of wool and a collection of needles that she picked up at a garage sale.  It is full of goodies.  I have been eyeing it off for so long and I am so desperate to learn.  There isn't really any reason why I shouldn't :-)

One day I hope to have alpacas!! :-)


Sunday, June 5, 2011


I am not sure whether this is real word but for now we will just agree to disagree, right?

It has become rather apparent that I am in need of firestarting skills :-) Although it is not terribly cold yet we have been enjoying our fireplace in its active state.  I love a fireplace whether there are flames or not!!! The fireplace is what Dru was attracted to in this place :-) For the record, he is an amazing firestarter!!!  It seems effortless to him.  He smoothly builds the kindling, twigs and logs and... voila!!!  We are warm and cozy.  I know that there is a method however I am still to suceed using this method.  I follow this process and my fires kark it soon after they have been lit.  Tonight I have paid special attention to Dru's hard work and I am determined to make it happen of my own accord tomorrow.

Here's to sucessful firestarting!!!


Mekaela xo

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Parenthood and paid work = busy  :-) I know there are a lot of people who partake in a this type of lifestyle and I can't help but want to ask how and why we have gotten to this point that we are existing like this.  Choosing and conditioning ourselves to this prescription of life ? It is a question that many ask themselves daily, I'm sure? Ah existential battles....

Since returning to work things have been up in the air and I am looking forward to establishing stability.
Currently our house is experiencing a bout of the Chicken Pox which has been relatively mild.  Little Evie is covered in spots and is so brave, trying her hardest not to scratch.  We have used Calamine Lotion topically when she experiences itchy times.  Eliza hasn't shown any symptoms as yet however it is likely that she will experience them in the week to come.  I've recently started the girls on a daily dose of Olive Leaf Extract with hopes this would boost their immunity during the impending Winter Season.  Last year was a shocker for viruses and cooties all 'round....  Here's to Health!!!!!  Clink!!! 

Marilyn, our Silkie x Frizzle girl hatched 2 chicks, 6/05/2011.  They are adorable and she is a nurturing, sweet mamma hen.  Here's hoping they are hens!! Pics soon :-) 

Our vegetable garden is beginning to produce also... Broccoli! Kale! Parsley! Cucumber! Woohoo!!!  I planted a heap of seedlings just before Easter however the chickens had a party while we were away and scratched the majority of them  out.  Hello scissors!!!  Chicken had their wings clipped and the garden remained in tact.  A couple of weeks later I discovered the herbs were being eaten to the ground...What a huge grub!!  That's what I thought, then one Saturday morning I caught 3 guinea pigs red toothed...munching!!!!!  Ah chickens, now guinea pigs!!!! I watched them and encouraged them to exit...Who knows how long they'd been feasting ???  I taught them.  I blocked their stealth entry ways.



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pumpkins. Playtime. Projects.

There has been a lot going on in our household of late.  I have wanted to post more frequently and more consistently however I have either not made the time or made posting a priority.  This will change as there is much to share.

First of all, our pumpkins

These lovely plants popped up out of the scraps that we feed our chickens.  These are by far the most lush plants we've grown this summer.  We've put their good health down to the decomposing scraps in the yard that we feed the chickens.  Oh everything is a part of a cycle :-)  Everything else except the zucchinis seemed to just rot away. 

Since the rain has subsided the plants have produced copious female flowers.  Some have been pollinated nature's way whilst others have had some assistance from myself.  What a wonderful job!!! It's a beautiful feeling, being out in the brisk morning air assisting my pumpkins.  The flowers are gorgeous.  We have 5 fruit left blossoming on the vine and I have picked two ripe ones this weekend.

One of our beautiful pumpkins and our little friend Wilbur

We've been having plenty of playtime with  visitors which is just so refreshing.  I love having visitors.  I love that people want to visit and I love being able to work on my homemaking skills in the process.  I try my hardest to prepare something edible and tasty even- Aunty Tash and Pete joined us for dinner a couple of weekends ago.  That was a hoot of a night.  Our neighbours Stacey and Sienna came over last Saturday for a play.  This was an eventful afternoon as there waas an accident in our street.  Thank goodness it wasn't too serious.  It was a spectacle.  The street was lined with people peering from behind their fences catching a glimpse.  We speculated about what had just happened with our other neighbour, Rosemary.  In no time it was all cleaned up and our street returned to it's usual sleepy state.  Evie was invited to her school friend, Aida's house to play.  Aida and her family  live about 15 minutes away up the mountain.  What a beautiful location!! Dru and I held back our gasps of excitement and awe about their residence.  It was superb.  We have also enjoyed the company of Stacey and her lovely little men, Wren and Harmon here at our place.  Evie and Wren love playing dress ups.  Wren and Evie chose one another and their friendship is something so very pure.  One day in the Springtime of 2009 we were at Bunnings doing whatever it is we do there...???  Spend money :-) This time when visiting the playgound we met a little boy named Wren and I didn't get Stacey's name at this point.  Wren and Evie played and played together.  It was time to go and wells that was that.  Then in our daily movements about the local area we kept on crossing paths.  We would say 'Hi' and keep going about our business.  After the Eliza was born our old neighbour, now friend, Alison, who has 2 little men named Luka and Felix (Evie LOVES these fellas) invited us to join them local playgroup and who should be at Alison's place this day, Stacey, Wren and Harmon.  As they say, the rest is history....


Evie reaching for the sky

We've recently also taken a trip up the Sunshine Coast and visited Eumundi, Noosa and Coolum Beach.  It was a relaxing and refreshing day.  We love to take long drives and go exploring.  We had hoped that the markets would be on at Eumundi but we missed them by a day, Saturday not Sunday!!!  The girls just love the beach.  The girls and Dru took a dip at Coolum Beach.  Eliza did not shy away from the water at all.  She kept going back for more.  Evie spent her time in the water jumping over the breakers and digging in the sand.  It was a glorious day.

This photo says so much- I love it

There is a frenzy happening in this house at present.  Does this happen in everybody's household???  Sewing projects, gardening projects, lists, decluttering and spring cleaning. I am a woman possessed. Stay tuned...  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

8th April 2011

Birthday gifts and artwork that I was greeted with on my birthday morning
Dru collected these flowers from several local neighbours gardens and arranged them

My birthday is the 8th April.  On this day, this year I turned 26.  My birthday morning was one of the most memorable days of my life so far and will remain one of the most memorable in my life to come. 

Dru proposed to me.  We were in our pyjamas with our girls close by.  I said 'Yes' and cried tears of joy and excitement. 

He gave me beautiful opal ring.  It fits perfectly and I love it so much.  The colour of the opal is the colour of the sky and the ocean mixed together.  It's so special :-)  I love this man, always. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Silkie Success

Meet Marilyn

This lovely lady is a Silkie X Frizzle hen.  She is 6 months old and commenced laying last Monday.  She is especially pretty and so tiny compared to the other ladies in our coop. 

Meet Johnny

This strapping gentleman is our Silkie X Frizzle rooster.  He is 6 months old also and is the "Man of the Coop". 

Yes, we did get these two lovely birds at the same time and we bought them with hopes of them both being hens.  We'd been talking about adding to the flock for sometime when our neighbour told us about the cute little chicks at our local produce barn.  So off we went, to the produce barn with absolute intention of bringing home some new babies.  We chose these two as they were the largest and most ganged up on in their enclosures.  Upon coming home they bonded and they have barely ever left one another's side since.     As I said, we had hoped for 2 hens but it was somewhat exciting when Johnny started making strange noises which we suspected were the beginning of him becoming a 'man'.  We contemplated returning him to exchange for another but after talking to our neighbour and learning more about a rooster's role in a flock, we were in it for keeps.  He is such a lovely little fella, when he isn't crowing repetatively at 1p.m. ???  (I still don't understand what that is about)  I have learnt from these two that all chickens are not destructive and compulsive scratchers, digging holes in the yard and plants out of the garden :-) Quite frankly, thank goodness.  I have also learnt that just because they are small does not mean that they are easy to catch :-)  All I can say is that I would have loved to have been one of our neighbours watching us try to round them up on the occassions when Marilyn and Johnny have been less than co operative.     

We have hopes that this lovely couple will parent some chicks before the cold sets in.  Marilyn eggs are fertile and well I have been seeing their antics in the coop so I am sure motherhood is not far away for Marilyn. 

Like porcelin

Friday, March 25, 2011

Eliza dress

I found this pattern in an op shop in a little town about 400km north of here.  From memory I think it cost 50 cents.  It was love at first sight.  I loved the pleats.  I loved the rouched sleeves and well....  here it is.  I made this little number from a skirt that I no longer wear.  It's a gorgeous vintage gauze fabric.  I am unsure of the actual type of material but it reminds me of gauze so we'll just say, gauze type fabric!!!  This pattern has a variation of long sleeve which I will be trying also.  Winter is just around the corner!!! A girl can never have too many dresses. 

It's been a little while a coming, this dress.  I have been trying to find time to begin sewing again, which has been incredibly difficult as there is always something, should I say, sensible to do about the house, such as chores.  In recent times I have developed a routine which has been such a great move.  For some, this may be an obvious move but for me, I was of the belief that a routine was just too restrictive and suffocating. 
Routine = sewing time :-)  I like it a lot.  Yes, I will be hand sewing a hook and eye as the final closure for this frock!!!

P.s this is the first photo I have published.  It was a much easier venture than I had imagined :-) 


So, I am more than aware that I am not the first woman to partake in blogging- there are plenty of females blogging around the world.  This week I have spent most of my time, in the evenings, reading blogs written by women.  I am inspired.  I am in awe and also mindboggled as to where these women find the time to blog and share.  I would like to say a huge, 'thank you' to these women for their sharing and the inspiration they provide.  Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by life in it's presentation and quite frankly, organisation is definitly not a strength I posess, it's difficult to comprehend the thought of being able to keep an account of the shinanigans that go on.  Once again,  thank you ladies. Xo     

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So,how about this weather we've been having lately???

OOOh I am back.  It has taken a while, I know.  Currently the weather is cool and to tell you the truth I am incredibly excited about the weather in general.  I know that it can be perceived by some to be the most boring, painstakingly lame subject to talk about but in our house we love talking about the weather.  Since childhood I have loved the feeling I have upon waking, thinking about what I will be greeted with when I walk outside of the four walls that we humans call a house.  Looking at an early morning sky interpreting what the day will bring, I feel a connection with myself and what it means to be human.  I remember my mum and my Nan saying a rhyme about the colour of the sky 'Red morn sailors be warn, Red night sailors delight'.  I hear this in my mind when I look at a morning or night sky.  I don't know whether there is a relationship between the colour of the sky and boating conditions, though I do enjoy the rhyme.  As a young girl I remember the time when seeing different formations and textures of clouds led me to hurrying inside to look in my '1001 facts about the Earth' book my mother gave me, to identify what my fact hungry eyes were seeing in the sky.  Having sponged up all of these facts as a young girl I now seem to have lost them to my subconscious.  In my opinion, puberty and high school plus that Rite of Passage from the age of 18-20 which for me involved a lot of heavy drinking and partying are the cause for the loss of this information.  The reason why I have become aware of such a loss is our dear little Evie's curiosity about the world around her.   So rather than struggling to remember or using the family computer to 'look it up' I went to the spare room and opened the box containing all of the books that I have kept from my childhood and there it was, '1001 facts about the Earth'.  Some of the pages were stuck together and missing pieces of their paragraphs but it was still as exciting as ever turning to the 'cloud' page.  Knowing that Evie has a keen enthusiasm for the weather and the world around her brings out the warmest of feelings in me. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

To begin

My Magical Tree as a blog has been on my mind for quite some time now.  To be honest I have been a little scared of having a blog as I am not to cluey with a computer and I was also unsure of what I would and would not include.  My Magical Tree will be an account of my world as I experience it with Druan, Evie and Eliza.   

Peace :-)