Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pumpkins. Playtime. Projects.

There has been a lot going on in our household of late.  I have wanted to post more frequently and more consistently however I have either not made the time or made posting a priority.  This will change as there is much to share.

First of all, our pumpkins

These lovely plants popped up out of the scraps that we feed our chickens.  These are by far the most lush plants we've grown this summer.  We've put their good health down to the decomposing scraps in the yard that we feed the chickens.  Oh everything is a part of a cycle :-)  Everything else except the zucchinis seemed to just rot away. 

Since the rain has subsided the plants have produced copious female flowers.  Some have been pollinated nature's way whilst others have had some assistance from myself.  What a wonderful job!!! It's a beautiful feeling, being out in the brisk morning air assisting my pumpkins.  The flowers are gorgeous.  We have 5 fruit left blossoming on the vine and I have picked two ripe ones this weekend.

One of our beautiful pumpkins and our little friend Wilbur

We've been having plenty of playtime with  visitors which is just so refreshing.  I love having visitors.  I love that people want to visit and I love being able to work on my homemaking skills in the process.  I try my hardest to prepare something edible and tasty even- Aunty Tash and Pete joined us for dinner a couple of weekends ago.  That was a hoot of a night.  Our neighbours Stacey and Sienna came over last Saturday for a play.  This was an eventful afternoon as there waas an accident in our street.  Thank goodness it wasn't too serious.  It was a spectacle.  The street was lined with people peering from behind their fences catching a glimpse.  We speculated about what had just happened with our other neighbour, Rosemary.  In no time it was all cleaned up and our street returned to it's usual sleepy state.  Evie was invited to her school friend, Aida's house to play.  Aida and her family  live about 15 minutes away up the mountain.  What a beautiful location!! Dru and I held back our gasps of excitement and awe about their residence.  It was superb.  We have also enjoyed the company of Stacey and her lovely little men, Wren and Harmon here at our place.  Evie and Wren love playing dress ups.  Wren and Evie chose one another and their friendship is something so very pure.  One day in the Springtime of 2009 we were at Bunnings doing whatever it is we do there...???  Spend money :-) This time when visiting the playgound we met a little boy named Wren and I didn't get Stacey's name at this point.  Wren and Evie played and played together.  It was time to go and wells that was that.  Then in our daily movements about the local area we kept on crossing paths.  We would say 'Hi' and keep going about our business.  After the Eliza was born our old neighbour, now friend, Alison, who has 2 little men named Luka and Felix (Evie LOVES these fellas) invited us to join them local playgroup and who should be at Alison's place this day, Stacey, Wren and Harmon.  As they say, the rest is history....


Evie reaching for the sky

We've recently also taken a trip up the Sunshine Coast and visited Eumundi, Noosa and Coolum Beach.  It was a relaxing and refreshing day.  We love to take long drives and go exploring.  We had hoped that the markets would be on at Eumundi but we missed them by a day, Saturday not Sunday!!!  The girls just love the beach.  The girls and Dru took a dip at Coolum Beach.  Eliza did not shy away from the water at all.  She kept going back for more.  Evie spent her time in the water jumping over the breakers and digging in the sand.  It was a glorious day.

This photo says so much- I love it

There is a frenzy happening in this house at present.  Does this happen in everybody's household???  Sewing projects, gardening projects, lists, decluttering and spring cleaning. I am a woman possessed. Stay tuned...  

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  1. Ooo pumpkins - you need to see your ones next door! They are HUGE! The healthiest looking pumpkin vine and pumpkins I have ever seen... it's a veritable ocean of pumpkins :)