Sunday, June 5, 2011


I am not sure whether this is real word but for now we will just agree to disagree, right?

It has become rather apparent that I am in need of firestarting skills :-) Although it is not terribly cold yet we have been enjoying our fireplace in its active state.  I love a fireplace whether there are flames or not!!! The fireplace is what Dru was attracted to in this place :-) For the record, he is an amazing firestarter!!!  It seems effortless to him.  He smoothly builds the kindling, twigs and logs and... voila!!!  We are warm and cozy.  I know that there is a method however I am still to suceed using this method.  I follow this process and my fires kark it soon after they have been lit.  Tonight I have paid special attention to Dru's hard work and I am determined to make it happen of my own accord tomorrow.

Here's to sucessful firestarting!!!


Mekaela xo

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