Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, since returning to paid work my time at home to me has been precious.  Lately, our weekends have involved spending the majority of at least Saturday or Sunday out of the house which to be honest, drives me crazy!!!!

Although this week sees us in somewhat of a quarantine situation, I feel rather relieved to be at home.  Before returning to paid work I was feeling a void that I wanted to fill outside of the home.  I felt as though I needed to keep my own professional skills up to date and contribute financially to my household.  The building industry has suffered with the recent wet season and well, rather than stressing about the issue I decided it was time for me to take serious action and return to work.  I was incredibly lucky, calling my former boss and having my old job reoffered- it was meant to be.  I truly love my work and feel at home when I am in that role.  I am  Mental Health Outreach Worker.   

Here are some pictures which really capture where I am in my life at present

Maaa,  I want spaghetti for breakfast!!

I look like my Daddy!!

Strike a pose.... It would seem that Evie does not like having her pic taken these days...


Bread that I bake in the breadmaker.  I am enjoying this appliance very much.  I love that I can have my own bread made at home.  It is such a staple in our home and the quality of the stuff off the shelf is so questionable that it seems a neccesity to have it made at home.  I use a very basic recipe- flour, water, yeast.  Sometimes I add butter, milk or egg just to experiment with flavours and consistency.  I have been using spelt flour of late which I really enjoy.  I also add pepitas and oats.  I am going to try adding quinoa this week.

Here's a sweet potato I found in my vegetable basket.  I would like to plant it at the bottom of the chicken coop. 

Where all the action happens!!!!

This is what our freezer looks like these days.  There is plenty of home cooked goodness on hand :-)  Pumpkin soup, lamb pot stew, potato and leek soup and minestrone. Ice cream!!!

Music keeps me going.  I haven't picked up my guitar in months.  I hope that I can find the inspration soon.  This is Dru's guitar in the front of the shot.  Mine can be seen in the distance. 

Family meeting space

Evie persuing a craft subject of a different area of interest.  This one does not involve scissors and glue :-)  It will be a wicked rainbow scarf :-)  

Vegetables- Winter crop :-) Fingers crossed. 



  1. Wow your winter garden patch looks very tropical and non-wintery to me! Your kids are very cute. Love the tins/jars you have for storage too.

  2. Mekaela, I really enjoyed this post. It was like having a good stickybeak inside your life! Your kids are beautiful :)

  3. Hi there

    Mrs Bok- I agree. Our winters here in the sub-tropics are not a true winter, though it has been chilly :-) Thank you taking a peep at my blog.

    Laura- Thank you :-) From what I have seen of your little men on FB they aren't too shabby either. I'd love to have a little fella :-) Hope you are well. xo