Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet Marilyn's Babies

Now I realise that this not the best photography on my behalf .....  I can't seem to get a great shot.... They move too quickly.  This photo is was taken about 2 weeks ago.  They chicks have grown somewhat and are beginning to get their new feathers now.  It has been rather therapeutic watching them go about their business in the backyard.  They chirp and flap about at one another and up onto the oudoor furniture like little pioneers exploring the new land.  We are still unable to determine their sex, that will become more apparent in the next 6 weeks I am sure.  Here's to some lovely little ladies :-) Fingers Crossed!!! There is so much to learn from animals.  Marilyn is just such a nurturing mother.  The way she shows them the food and offers them the scraps before having any herself.  The way she sits in the welcoming position- she sits in such a way which invites the chicks in to nurse under her wings.  I am left wandering where they have gone sometimes only to notice a little beak protruding from Marilyn's feathers.  It's truly special witnessing these little chicks growing up with their mother.  We've never been a part of a hatching at home.  In the past we've bought our chicks as Day Olds from the produce store and then kept them warm indoors under a lamp.  I am not sure how comfortable I feel about doing this in the future...???

This week sees me at home with my little ladies.  Evie has the chicken pox and is unable to return to school until Thursday at the earliest- no earlier than 5 days after the rash appears and after the blisters are broken and the last one to appeared has formed a scab.  It would seem that the tiredness and onslaught of the virus have passed and now we are into the boredom phase.  What to do??  Mum, I am bored!!!  Tantrums and the like.  Mum, I want to go to school!!!  Hmmm.....  Sickness is such a difficult time whether one is 5, 15, 55.  Still no spots on Eliza...... 

Seeing as I am at home nursing my girls I have decided that I will finish one of the  projects cut out in my sewing box and pick up the needles and begin to learn how to knit.  I found a Getting Started DVD in my stash so I figure it's about time.  Also, Dru's mum, Joy, whom we refer to as Mardy, gave me bag loads of wool and a collection of needles that she picked up at a garage sale.  It is full of goodies.  I have been eyeing it off for so long and I am so desperate to learn.  There isn't really any reason why I shouldn't :-)

One day I hope to have alpacas!! :-)


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