Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I am struggling.... I need a teacher to get me started .  No video is going to get me there unfortunately :-(



  1. I learnt from tutorials off the internet if that's any help. Although, I did learn when I was a kid and some of it was familiar. Glad you are enjoying your return to work and I'm looking forward to seeing how your winter crop goes!

  2. Oh well, I can show you how to do rectangles? But there my talent stops. Sorry to read you have all been ill, I fell ill the evening after meeting up with you guys (tummy bug - no connection!) and then so did Felix and then Luka. So I can commiserate with you - poor things. All better now?

  3. Hello there Ladies :-)

    I think that I am still a blogger novice... I can now comment. I must have been doing something worng....

    Thank you for popping by.

    Teegan, there are so many great videos on the net but alas! I remain incompetent. The winter crop is coming along. There seeems to be a lot of things popping up and my vision is that it will be come an edible haven for my family. Overgrown yet still productive :-) Hope you are well. You must be nesting these days with your due date getting closer :-) xo

    Ali, rectangles are my thing !!! :-) Sickness is just terrible. I hope you guys are all well. We have all recouperated (?) now. I ended up with mastitis too which was like death. Happy to be back out in the world again :-) xo